Classic Sci-Fi Radio Play

  • Welcome to the "Classic Sci-Fi Radio Play" page.
  • Every week or so a different science-fiction themed radio play will be featured for your enjoyment.
  • This is food for the imagination and was a popular form of entertainment before the widespread use of television.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy………..

This time we continue with the theme of journeying to other worlds with a real treat with the following sci-fi radio plays;

Destination Moon (1950) 

Based on George Pal’s 1950 classic science fiction film of the same name. The story of Destination Moon deals with the dangers and difficulties inherent in human space travel within the context of America's  first manned lunar mission. (Keep an ear out for a breaking news bulletin announcing the invasion of South Korea by North Korea and as a consequence the beginning of the Korean War!!!)


Forbidden Planet (1959)

This is a 1959 Caltex Theater Australian adaptation of the 1956 American science fiction film from MGM. Set in the 23rd century, starship C-57D reaches the distant world Altair IV to determine the fate of an Earth expedition sent there 20 years earlier.

And the Moon Still As Bright (1955)

This presentation was adapted from Ray Bradbury’s story, "The Martian Chronicles." An expedition to Mars finds all the Martians dead due to chickenpox introduced to the planet by previous expeditions from Earth. All the men on this expedition except for one desecrates any Martian artifacts they come across. A biting commentary on humanity.


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