Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

  • Welcome to the sci-fi double feature film page. 
  • On this page I’ll be featuring a double feature of classic science fiction films for you to view and enjoy. 
  • Keep visiting the page as a different double feature will appear each week or two. 
  • There will also be links to any posts that might be on this blog about the films.

For this classic sci-fi double feature session, we’ll see what could “drop” in on us from space;

Phantom From Space (1953)

FCC investigators respond to an apparent flying saucer crash in the San Fernando Valley which has caused interference with television and radio transmissions. Eyewitnesses report the appearance of a being dressed in strange apparel and is apparently radioactive and constitutes a public threat. It turns out that the investigators are hunting a humanoid being from outer space, who is invisible without his spacesuit.

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Mutiny in Outer Space (1965)

Astronauts on an expedition exploring the lunar ice caves contract a deadly fungus which they carry back to a space station. The fungus soon begins to overrun the space station after a meteor strike disables it.

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