Classic Sci-Fi Double Feature

  • Welcome to the sci-fi double feature film page. 
  • On this page I’ll be featuring a double feature of classic science fiction films for you to view and enjoy. 
  • Keep visiting the page as a different double feature will appear each week or two. 
  • There will also be links to any posts that might be on this blog about the films.

In this double-feature session, Earth is faced with destruction. Find out who or what threatens our planet! Find out who or what will try to save us before it is too late! 

Assignment: Outer Space (Space Men) (1960)

An Italian science fiction film about a mission aboard a space station in the 22nd century. The stations crew attempt to redirect a malfunctioning spaceship “Alpha Two” that threatens to destroy the Earth.

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Invaders from Space (1965)

Superhero “Starman” from the Emerald Planet leaps in to action to save the human race as those rascals, the Salamander Men from the planet Kulimon in the Moffit Galaxy plot to take over the Earth by unleashing a lethal plague.

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